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Orlando, FL

About The Chapter Leadership

Drina Black

I was a 1345 Heavy Equipment Operator, stationed at Marine Wing Support Squadron 371 (MWSS-371) Engineer Ops. I served from 1994-1998.

I am an entrepreneur, a mom of 5, and enjoying life in Orlando Florida!

I am an Authorized Dealer with BDaaSWorx. We are a boutique for Big Data as a Service. Our company owns data centers that process data, and develop virtual reality projects and some blockchain projects. I help consumers to buy hardware that becomes part of our infrastructure of the new Internet so the majority of the earnings generated from the systems get paid to them.

We’re here to support Marine-Business owners, entrepreneurs and career-minded professionals by promoting commerce, sharing resources and building relationships, through networking events and social technology.

​Feel free to reach out about meeting times, dates and locations.

​Semper Fi Marines!

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