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Leathernecks For LIFE

Meaningful Connections After Service

We are a national organization exclusive to Marines and Navy Corpsmen who find networking among warriors a benefit to their career.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and career-minded professionals gather casually, over drinks after work and formally through produced conference events to share resources, contacts, and strategies that help support each other’s career and business goals.

Our local chapters host exciting monthly, bi-monthly, and special networking events in different cool local venues with a relaxed atmosphere.

Benefits of Membership

Generate Referrals & Leads

Leads through referrals from other Marines are usually much higher quality than those from marketing and are often prequalified.

Find Opportunities

With a group of motivated Marines, comes opportunities! Joint Ventures, Strategic Partnerships, Affiliate Deals and much more!

Meaningful Connections

We’ve all heard that its not WHAT you know, its WHO you know. We take that a step further, its also about who knows YOU. Join us and be KNOWN.

Get Great Advice

Tap into advice and expertise that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. While we have the Marine Corps in common, we bring huge diversity. Benefit from Marines all over the world in different industries

Build Your Reputation

Be more visible and build your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable and supportive person in your field. Offer useful information and tips to help others and you’ll be the first they think of when they need the products/services you offer.

Increase Confidence

One might think that we Marines are the last to need a confidence boost. But the reality is that there’s always something to work on and life has a way of beating up on us as run towards our goals.

Satisfaction of Helping Others

If you like helping others, the NMCBN is the place for you. Not only will you find the resources you need but being able to help another Marine succeed is its own reward. You will meet Marines at various stages in personal and professional development.

New Friendships

Not only do we share our Devil Dog Esprit De Corps, but as passionate go-getters. As a result, lasting relationships are inevitable.

Critical News


Support businesses that are owned by or connected to Marines.
List YOUR business and be found by others looking for your products & Services


Local connections are a key to success. Meet and network with Marines in a casual setting after work or on the weekends in your local area

Get Business Resources

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