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I work with service-based business leaders who understand the value of conditioning championship-level performance, helping them exceed their business goals.

Based on 25 years of success delivering win-win solutions, propelling companies forward, and tackling business management challenges with proven performance strategies, leveraging virtual platforms.

As a veteran business consultant, professional facilitator, coach, and executive strategist, I've helped companies generate repeated success with innovative business strategies and tactics.

BACKGROUND: MBA, business owner, former Silicon Valley IT executive, Marine Corps Logistics officer, trained & coached 1,200 business coaches in 26 countries, Tony Robbins' business consultant, NCAA National Champion rower and coach, published author & speaker, certified facilitator and NLP (genius mind) practitioner.

My compass in life is clear. My character and competencies are built upon my core values of authenticity, collaboration, resourcefulness, life-long learning and generosity. Whether you are dealing with me in a personal or business context, you can depend on my actions aligning with these values.

Chris Steely
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