To support Marine-Business owners, entrepreneurs and career-minded professionals by promoting commerce, sharing resources and building relationships, through networking events and social technology.

This is our “Why”.  The reason we exist:

“Among Marines there is a fierce loyalty to the Corps that persists long after the uniform is in mothballs. . . . Woven through that sense of belonging, like a steel thread, is an elitist spirit. Marines are convinced that, being few in number, they are selective, better, and, above all, different.”

There is yet another element of being different that defines Marines, and that is selflessness: a spirit that places the self interest of the individual second to that of the institution we know as the Corps. That selflessness is stronger nowhere in American society than among Marines.

There is almost nothing more precious to a Marine than a fellow Marine. This traditional bond flows from the combat
training which all Marines receive, officer and enlisted, and the shared danger and adversity inherent in expeditionary operations.”

General Carl E. Mundy, III

Maintaining this standard of excellence, as we transition from the Corps into the business world, is our responsibility as Marines. 

Building a Network of Marines to continue the Esprit De Corps is our Mission at