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15 years experience as Infrastructure Generalist with Security focus. Deep experience with providing regulated utility security requirements for both networks and line of business applications.

Proficient with *nix operating systems; Ubuntu, RedHat, as well as all flavors of Windows 32/64bit. Skilled in the use of open source tools; Backtrack, Nessus, Nmap, Scapy, Metasploit, as well as common programming languages; Python, .Net, and scripting with the windows command line.

Experienced with regulatory compliance; FERC/NERC, PCI, as well as qualitative Risk Analysis. Experience with building SDLCs from the ground up and end to end.



I am here to support Marine-Business owners, entrepreneurs and career-minded professionals by promoting commerce, sharing resources and building relationships, through networking events and social technology.

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Semper Fi Marines!